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Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

Statistics show that 30% of lesbian couples deal with domestic violence at some level within their relationships. The definition of domestic violence refers to any assault (physical, verbal, emotional, or psychological) between two people who are related through marriage/ unions, family, dating relationship, as roommates, or have been related in any of these ways at one point in time. Domestic violence is about power and control. One partner uses intimidation and control tactics to gain power in the relationship, ultimately stripping the other of their dignity, respect, and self esteem. Omicron Epsilon Pi Sorority, Inc. is devoted to being a strong community advocate for the eradication of this ever growing epidemic that has been ignored for far too long.

Each year, between 50,000 and 100,000 lesbians are battered but do not report it. The reported battery does not include the psychological, verbal, or emotional forms of domestic violence. These often forgotten areas of domestic violence, regardless of the severity, are not being reported as they should be. Community resources are not being utilized. The stigma associated with domestic violence has created a “don’t ask, don’t tell” syndrome. Embarrassment, guilt, and lack of options have forced many victims to try to handle the situation themselves. Why should this be socially acceptable? Why should someone ever be allowed to feel like it is easier to stay than to get help? 


Omicron Epsilon Pi Sorority, Inc. is committed to aiding women involved in domestic violence get the assistance they need. We have obligated ourselves to being the bridge between the community and available resources. In order for this problem to be eliminated, there has to be a strong community understanding, as well as acknowledgement that this problem exists. 

The Power and Control Wheel

Advice from Domestic Abuse Victims

"Don’t punish yourself – I never thought I’d be in an abusive relationship but I WAS. Then I thought I’d never get out because I was scared, & stuck. Help is at hand, get honest – someone can tell you how much they love you, but love is an action.

You deserve better, there is a goldmine in all of us under hurt, take the journey to heal. Abusive behaviour from someone else is never your fault."


"Leave. They may be an alcoholic or addict or unemployed or …. but the only person who can help them, is them. Your love will not save them, and you will only destroy yourself in the process. Their behaviour will only improve when they start to take responsibility for their own feelings and actions. My ex was angry at everyone. None of her problems were her fault. Don’t be fooled by this behaviour. Don’t wait for them to hit you. Don’t wait for them to kill you. If you are uncomfortable or unhappy with even a certain aspect of your relationship, talk to someone about it.

Get help. Leave." 


"I want others to know that you’re not alone! Talk to someone, be it family or friends, just talk to someone, they will listen. You may wonder what they will say, or even if they will believe you. Trust in them, I know trusting is hard right now, but you have to.

YOUR LIFE IS WORTH LIVING! No one should have to go what you’re going through right now."


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