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The majority of studies published in the past 20 years show that there are no notable developmental differences between children raised by heterosexual parents and those raised by lesbian and gay parents. Several high profile organizations have issued formal statements generally supporting equal access to parenting and adoption for gay men and lesbians.

A small minority maintain that being raised in a lesbian or gay household subjects children to increased risks in a number of areas, including gender and sexual identity confusion; loss of a parent to AIDS, substance abuse, or suicide; and depression and other emotional difficulties. Some studies show that the well-being of children raised by single mothers (without fathers present in their lives)  are more vulnerable to delinquency, substance abuse, violence and crime, teen pregnancy, dropping out of school, suicide, and poverty.

Children who’s parents are gay or lesbian have negative experiences with teasing and bullying in schools, or coming out to their friends and teachers informing them that their parents are gay.  Schools are the key place where they face intolerance from peers, teachers, school administration, and the school system itself. According to a 2001 study, students who have LGBT parents experience the same harassment as if they were gay or lesbian themselves.

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