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Sisterly Love



Have you ever dreamed of pledging a sorority that was openly accepting of lesbian women? Are you disgusted by the lack of positive representation of lesbians on your campus or in your city? Have you ever dreamed of starting your own sorority? Well not only have the founders of Omicron Epsilon Pi dealt with these problems, but used them as guides for the sorority’s founding. 

As the Very First Lesbian Nationally Incorporated Sorority  Omicron Epsilon Pi works hard to establish a solid foundation in the LGBT Community while possessing extraordinary sisterhood. By developing chapters and securing contacts across the country OEPI will have the necessary resources and capability to support programs of service.


Omicron Epsilon Pi Sorority is a young organization and we are currently looking for lesbian women who would like to change the way that lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals, and transgender people are being viewed today. We are working to continue growing in a positive manner by not only offering friendships but a lifelong family of sisters.


All lesbian women are welcomed to join us in our quest, however, we ask that those wishing to participate in the expansion process be willing to exert the energy, time, dedication, and determination necessary to become a stable part of our sorority. It is a challenging commitment, that takes enthusiasm, patience, and positive energy. As a charter member, you will be able to leave behind a legacy that will extend beyond your own chapter experience. By establishing your own chapter traditions and herstory, you will influence the lives of innumerable individuals well beyond the people you meet personally.

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