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Est. February 7, 2000

Epitome of Femininity


As members of Omicron Epsilon Pi we strive for individual as well as collective success in our community.


As members of Omicron Epsilon Pi, we possess a variety of backgrounds, interests, and cultures. Therefore, individually and collectively we pledge to honor the diversity that make us one.


As members of Omicron Epsilon Pi, we will encourage self-empowerment and self-motivation, which inspires leaders and role models in our community.

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As members of Omicron Epsilon Pi, we stand proud of our lifestyle and all those categorized as “Family”. We will forever have pride in our community and the foundation that we have built.


As members of Omicron Epsilon Pi, we take on the responsibility as an organization dedicated to the advancement of the lesbian community.

Sisterly Love

As members of Omicron Epsilon Pi, we help each other for we know, there is no other like our sisterhood. In knowing this, we pledge our love, dedication, and support to our sorors and our community.

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Omicron Epsilon Pi Sorority, Incorporated is a nationally recognized organization.  We pride ourselves on continuous growth and service to the LGBT community. From humble beginnings, with a vision others could not imagine, we have firmly established ourselves as a well-respected LGBT Greek letter organization.  We are the 1st lesbian incorporated sorority catering to the needs of the feminine lesbian.

Members of Omicron Epsilon Pi Sorority, Inc. are pioneers in the LGBTQ Greek community and committed to servicing the community through education, fellowship, and leadership.

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